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The Calcium carbonate powder coating machine start successfully in Vietnam

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2016-08-23   

After check the coating machine market, the Vietname's customer decided to purchase the CLG3/600 coating machine.

Then our engineer design the suitable solution under the customers's request and actual worksite.

Once deliver the machine to Vietname, we send our engineer to insstall thie model within one week.

Calcium carbonate powder coating machine

Then test the machine, customer suply the micro powder D50 1.1 um as the test powder. After 3 hous testing, our engineer ajust the coating agent, feeding speed etc to fit for the CLG3/600 model, finally the powder surface cating machine rate is above 96%, capacity 2.8 t/h. The final working performance is obtained the customer's high reputation.

Facing the higher request for the final powder in the micro powder market, our company continuous accumolation and upgrade for the CLG powder coating machine, the equipment become to the hot product in the non-metallic powder industry. Which kind coating machine solves the two predicaments(low coating rate, can't continuous working). Finally let powder manufacturer find the new bearkthrough point, bring the new vitality for the no-metallic industry.

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