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Mineral Grinding Mill in Turkey

Raw Material: Mineral
Capacity: 10ton per hour
Feeding Size: 15-20mm
Product Size: 600mesh
Country of Client: Turkey

Project profile

This customer need grinding mill for making mineral powder. The main ingredient of his mineral is limestone and calcite, and the required discharge size is 600mesh, and we recommend HGM superfine grinding machine to him. It can decrease energy consumption by 30% than other common grinding equipments. 


In addition to limestone and calcite, HGM Mineral Grinding Mill can also handle other minerals, such as common minerals: kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, quartz, feldspar, clay, talc, fluorite, clay, white, mud, mica and so on. There are some uncommon minerals, such as cordierite, skarn, serpentinite, phyllite etc.. If we calculate the quantity of it, the material type can be up to 1000 kinds. 


 Mineral Grinding Mill


But How to know HGM Mineral Grinding Mill is suitable for your project? It is according to your required product. HGM Mineral Grinding Mill can be used in making 325-3000mesh powder. But if you says that, you want 80mesh, 100mesh, 120mesh, how to do? Ok, we have YGM grinding mill(Raymond mill), if you are planning to make 80-325mesh powder, please click "Raymond Mill" below. And coarse powder please clirik "Coarse Powder Mill" below. No matter what size you need in producing mineral powder, We can meet you!!!



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