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Travel To Turkey with Clirik Grinding Mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2014-10-22   
Travel To Turkey with Clirik Grinding Mill
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd held an outdoor activity named Travel To Turkey with Clirik Grinding Mill. 
Old employees of got the opportunity to travel to Turkey. However, they have to carry a set of HGM grinding mill together with them. Manager Zhang said,”HGM series Grinding Mills are the pride of us Clirik for their outstanding performance and excellent reputation. Therefore, taking the HGM grinding mill with us even when traveling is significant to both ourselves and our company. What’s more, I have the confidence to sell it with ease when traveling and having fun. ”
Mr. King, the English editor in Clirik almost dropped his jaw down when hearing about this,”When I heard the news of traveling abroad, I felt rather excited, singing and dancing. However, then I heard we have to sell the grinding mill at the same time, my heart almost broke. After all, I have waited for this travel for over two years and now my dream seems to shatter.”
Nevertheless, the worry and disappointment were excessive proved by our wise manager. Clirik’s sale of this set of grinding mill was not only easy but also delighted even. The Customer of Clirik in Turkey treated the group of those traveling staff with several delicious Turkey featured meals including doner kebab and visited most of the beach resorts located in the Turkish Riviera.
clirik turkey and grinding mill
Turkey is a beautiful country with rich nature resources. The most important raw material stone to Clirik grinding mill is seen everywhere. When they were going to Turkey, the leader of Clirik had researched general situation of Turkey for month. No wonder our manager had such confidence and strength to handle everything smoothly.
In reality, Mr. King had not taken part in the sale of the grinding mill. Therefore, he didn’t got the share of the profit . Even though he gained nothing in the sale, Mr. King was pretty happy because he had a good trip and beautiful memory in Turkey. He even met and get acquainted with two smart and cute girl during the Turkey journey.
king clirik
On 21st, October, King and his Clirik traveling staff group got back to company. King said, “It’s an unforgettable travel...”  There was no need to continue to listen what he said next, we know what he meant. 
In a word, Clirik like Turkey very much.

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