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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Ultrafine Mill?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2016-10-24   

Many customers ask that, we buy a same type of Ultrafine Mill with the peer, why their equipment production and efficiency is generally higher than ours? Maybe many users have this question. In fact, it is actually a very normal thing that same equipment has different production efficiency. The internal reasons are very simple: there are some announcements which other people do, but you don't do. Which factors can affect the production efficiency of Ultrafine Mill?


1.moisture content of the material


If the moisture content of the material is too many, it will cause fine powder adhesion, and cause decline of yield and efficiency.


2.the hardness of the material


When the hardness of the material is increased, in order to fully grind the material, the grinding force generated by the grinding roller will increase correspondingly, which will reduce the yield and efficiency.


Ultrafine Mill


3.the current


Increase the current, the efficiency of ultra-fine milling machine will naturally increase. But it is important to note, the current can not exceed the maximum rated power load, or equipment will suffer huge losses.


4.quality of grinding roller and grinding ring


As the production principle of the ultra-fine milling machine is to realize the fine powder production of the material by the rolling effect of the grinding roller on the grinding ring, therefore, if the the quality of grinding roller and grinding ring is better, handling to the material is more fully. If the grinding roller and ring wear in a short time, it can not achieve full grinding of the material, and it will decrease the Production Efficiency of Ultrafine Mill.


5.liner of Ultrafine Mill


Mill liner is mainly used to protect cylinder body and the material from the direct impact and friction. Different types of lining can be adjusted in various positions to achieve the best grinding performance.


If you insist standard operation and pay attention to these details, it will effectively improve your production efficiency of ultra-fine mill equipment. For more information on milling machines, please contact with Shanghai Clirik.

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