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Welcome to Iran Customers Come to Visit Our Products

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2017-03-27   

Date: Mar.25. 2017
Country of Customer: Iran
Product: Super Fine Powder Grinding Mill




Mar.25. is a Saturday, and we had welcome to two Iran customers come to visit our super fine powder grinding mill. Our Sales manager Jordan Tan had recepte them. First, they came to show room to see the super fine powder grinding mill. And then, they were talk a lot about our super fine powder grinding mill. Our customers were very glad because Jordan Tan's professional. Finally, they sign the order.


Iran customers and Jordan Tan


Advantages of our superfine powder grinding mill:


1. High output yields. The same fineness of finished products and power consumption, the output of good quality powder grinding mill should be higher than the airflow mill and mixing mill 40%.

2. Wearing parts with high wear resistant material, than ordinary flour mill out a lot, so the life of the whole equipment is fixed in 5-10 years. The life of the ordinary grinding machine is only 3-6 years. In addition, compared with the ordinary milling machine, the grinding chamber has no rolling bearing and no screw, so there is no problem of bearing and other sealing parts.

3. Preparation of powder with high fineness is not a problem, once the fineness of good quality powder grinding mill can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 um.


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