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Clirik Event: About Calcium Carbonate Powder Grinding

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2019-05-21   

Welcome the Shanxi Inorganic Salt Association, the president of the calcium carbonate branch, to visit our company.


Clirik customer visit


On May 18, 2019, China Shanxi Inorganic Salt Association, President of Calcium Carbonate Branch came to our company for on-the-spot investigation, our calcium carbonate mill.


As we all know, Shanghai Clirik has made great achievements in calcium carbonate grinding equipment. As a thriving company, it has also received much attention in China. This time, calcium carbonate will come to our company to inspect our HGM ultrafine grinding equipment. As the company's senior leader, Zhang personally received them. They conducted a profound discussion on the processing of calcium carbonate powder by our HGM ultrafine mill.


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