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Clirik CLUM Vertical Roller Mill Benefits for Calcium Carbonate Grinding

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-03-15   

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CLUM Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle


After the material is conveyed into the vertical roller mill by the screw conveyor and the material falls onto the grinding table. The whole vertical roller mill is driven by the reducer, which makes the grinding table and roller to rotate. The material moves to the grinding area between the roller and table.

And then the material is ground into the powder between the roller and table, the qualified powder is sucked into the pulse-jet collector through the classifier with the help of blower. The coarse powder falls down into the grinding house and is ground again to qualified powder.

For grinding different material with different hardness, the vertical roller mill roller pressure can be adjusted with the hydraulic system. The classifying system can also be adjusted to making different fineness powder.


Which Parts Need to be Concern When Choosing the Vertical Roller Mill?


No matter you want to buy or vertical roller mill or not, when you buy a vertical roller mill you need to think about these questions with the vertical roller mill manufacturers

Grinding efficiency: vertical roller mill use structure, so that the grinding parts can continue grinding the minerals. So at the same particle size processing, the capacity of vertical roller mill will reach 2-3 times more than the Raymond mill.

Power Consumption: this is require the high efficiency vertical roller mill has a lower consumption, after the technology update, the vertical roller mill power consumption will lower than before.

Maintenance easiness: the vertical roller mill is the large scale machine, so we need the maintain ways is easy, so that we can resolve the vertical roller mill problems on time.

Powder shape and fineness control: the final product is very important, if you produce the higher level calcium carbonate powder, it will sold well in the market.

Working Performance: this part, you need to know the vertical roller mill manufacturers if cooperate with other famous powder making industry, the more they service, the more higher working performance their vertical roller mill will be.


How to Improve CLUM Vertical Roller Mill Calcium Carbonate Grinding Ability


Adding appropriate grinding aids during calcium carbonate powder grinding can greatly improve the vertical roller mill grinding efficiency and dispersion performance of grinding products. The grinding aid mainly improves the grinding process by changing the hardness of the material and the interaction between the particles.

The calcium carbonate powder can be successfully produced by vertical roller mill, whose fineness can meet the requirements of paper industry and painting industry. Rotation speed, feeding size and grinding aid are the main factors affecting the grinding efficiency of the vertical roller mill. In order to obtain high grinding efficiency, the grinding conditions should be strictly controlled.

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