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What is the difference between washed machine-made sand and dry machine-made sand?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-02-08   

Washed machine-made sand and dry machine-made sand are two common artificial sand and gravel materials. What is the difference between the two stone materials? Which is better, dry machine-made sand or washed machine-made sand?


What is the difference between washed machine-made sand and dry machine-made sand?


Washing machine-made sand is actually wet sand making. It is a sand making process that removes fine powder and impurities on the surface of machine-made sand through a sand washing machine. It is mainly suitable for areas with rich rainwater resources in the south. The sand making process of separating sand and powder with a classifier is called dry sand making, which is to prepare dry machine-made sand, which is mainly used in places where water is scarce.


The main difference between the two is whether classifiers or sand washers are used to remove mud fines from sand and gravel products.


Which is better, washed machine-made sand or dry machine-made sand?
No difference!


The surface of dry machine-made sand particles is rough and angular, which is very conducive to the bonding of aggregate and cement, and the machine has a high bite force, and the strength of the concrete produced is higher than that of natural sand, but the dust pollution is large.


The finished product of washed machine-made sand has low mud content, high cleanliness, and good appearance. It is a more ideal material for some large-scale construction projects. In addition, there will not be a lot of dust in the entire production process, but it needs to consume a lot of energy. Water resources, 1 ton of sand and gravel requires about 2-3.5m of water, the cost of recycling the discharged sewage is relatively high, and fine sand is easy to lose.


So which one is better, washed machine-made sand or dry machine-made sand? In the absence of specific conditions, the two are evenly matched. Here is a reminder, whether you choose the water washing method or the dry sand making method, you should choose the appropriate sand making method according to local conditions, such as local environment, water resources, raw material cleanliness, and sand fineness modulus.


Washed sand production process


The water washing sand process includes three major processes: crushing, sand making, and sand washing. The complete sand washing production line consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher/cone crusher, sand making machine, and sand washing machine. In the selection of crushing equipment, cone crushers are used to process hard stones, and impact crushers are used to process soft stones. Sand washing equipment is the icing on the cake in the sand and gravel production line, also called sand washing machine, mainly using wheel bucket sand washing machine. The sand washing process is as follows:


Large stones are sent to the crushing equipment through the feeder for crushing, crushed to less than 5 cm, sent to the sand making machine for crushing, and then sieved by the vibrating screen. Among them, those meeting the particle size of 5 mm or less are sent to the sand washing machine for further processing. After cleaning, those larger than 5mm will continue to return to the sand making machine for crushing.


How much is the price of washing machine-made sand equipment?


The price of water washing machine-made sand equipment under different configurations is different, and it is necessary to make reasonable selection according to the customer's processing standards and output. Moreover, there are many sand washing machine manufacturers in the market, and the competition is fierce. The strength, management, sales, etc. are different. What raw materials, production processes, parts, etc. not only affect the quality of equipment, but also affect the overall quotation.