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Grinding Machines Recycle 10,000,000 Dollars Back From Waste Per Year

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2014-10-21   

Grinding Machines Recycle 10,000,000 Dollars Back From Waste Per Year

Last year, grinding machines in China and abroad have retrieved 10,000,000 dollars from waste slag, hard-to-use coal gangue, waste concrete and other waste materials like those according to the report form National Statistics Bureau. Chinese chief leader Xi Jinping spoke highly of the grinding machine especially in the mining field in a conference talking about the social sustainable development, which implicated the important contribution of the front runner enterprise Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd in great degree. 
Grinding machines are widely used in industries like construction, mining, chemical, cosmetics and other fields which need powder with different fineness. If we take the construction industry as an example, people need stone powder with high fineness and low fineness ranging from 300 mesh to 3000 mesh. Materials to manufacture those kinds of powder with different fineness varies. However, sand and stone are mostly used material to show in the construction scoop. 
With the mass exploitation of those finite nature resources, the prices of sand and stone rise year after year on rocket. Many construction companies suffer from this problem and slowed their progressing pace in development. However, a small number of construction companies find out new methods to gain those construction material and walked out from this adversity turning it into a new chance to outrace other companies and taking the advanced place in few months. For instance, Shanghai SBM Construction Company bought forty grinding machines last year from Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd.. This company brought themselves into an agreement with a steel factory. Then, our readers maybe curious about what the agreement is, let’s go on.
slag clirik
This construction company signed a contract with the steel factory to take over their steel producing generated slag for free. Because the slag is too hard to deal with for its great volume and hard transportation. That steel company is certainly very satisfied to sign this contract which means one less problem in the near future. And the construction company is also happy to undertake this useful waste, which can be turned into fine powder for cement manufacturing with the Clirik grinding machines. In this way, this construction company earned one more million dollar last year, stepping out of the hardship of raw material lacking and high construction cost.
Above is a representative case in waste material recycling. By now, some demolition companies  benefit more from the grinding machine. As we know, Chinese government likes having peoples’ house pulled down and move them out for the development of the modern city. Last years, Hongxing Demolition Company took the profession from the municipal construction department and got the material from pulled down house. Then, Clirik grinding machine ground the waste concrete perfectly. Hongxing Demolition Company sold the fine powder to the construction company and gained millions of dollars. The boss of Hongxing liked Clirik grinding machine for its excellent performance and then became one of the most important grinding machine sales agent in Clirik.
Grinding machine becomes more and more important in economy for its resource recycling ability. And its boost to country development is undeniable. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd will grow larger and larger with its outstanding grinding machines. Next year, observing from the trend, grinding machines will recycle 15,000,000 dollars from the waste.

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