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Sequel:Strict Rules Forges High Quality Product of Clirik

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2014-10-15   
Two days ago, Mr Zhang, the manager of Clirik, inspected the 200000 ㎡workshop of Clirik   factory with his serious face like what he has done every week in the last few years. Rules are rules, which can never be changed in any regular condition expect the case of accident. This is truly the conception in Clirik. However big the factory is and however faster it grows, the leader of Clirik carries this action out through rain and storm without hesitation generating a manufacturing log to instruct the following production.
Old workers who have been working in the factory for years can still remember that cold winter when the snow started to fall like feathers before the new year eve, a thin silhouette with endless coughing appeared in the workshop, with a notebook in hand recording all the data in factory and a flock of following personnel with gift in hand for the workers. That was Mr Zhang with trembling sick body to shake hands with every staff. Even the Chinese most important traditional festival, spring festival, is around the corner, no one breaks the rules. Many workers had strong dissatisfaction and complained a lot, when they saw the manger, they decided to forgive everything. After all, during that day, the wage is three times of the ordinary period. And to speak it out more essentially, rules are still rules, which can never break in any cost.
insepect to clirik workshop
Some Chinese may disagree with the conception in Clirik. For instance, Jack Bruse, a worker in Clirik, said with hidden bitterness, “They are too picky, last time I forgot one screw in the machine, and I was warned of being fired next time as the rule regulates, what’s more, my wage of half month was confiscated and disappeared. I think I will never forget that lesson taught by screw. One more damn screw forgotten and I will be kicked out of the factory.” That was definitely a sad story despite the loss of Jack’s wage, Jack had a 2 years old daughter at home, then he even could not afford the diaper to the child. In fact, companies in China always break rules according to the worldly wisdom.
However in Clirik, no one breaks the rule or punished in consequence. After knowing that, Mr Zhang still insist that punishment and decision.In the face of product quality, Chinese worldly wisdom loses its charisma. When people pay too much attention to social harmony, the grinding mill harmony flies away then grinding machine breaks down like the frequent smiling faces showing everyday in the factory. Mistakes occurred  in the machine will be buried deep into the earth of harmony. That’s the reason why so many Chinese factories produce so many low quality clumsy products everyday and ruin its reputation and brand everyday. When many Chinese enterprises are still in the mire of poor management now, Clirik has found this out many years ago and been perfecting its management system for years with most advanced Germany management method. Clirik stands in China like an beautiful exotic flower, letting alone criticism from the people, pursuing higher product quality endlessly. 


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