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China's president made a state visit to Zimbabwe bring great opportunity

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2016-01-07   

China's president made a state visit to Zimbabwe this month, and signed many economic agreements. This included a billion-dollar loan for a thermal power plant.

Under this context, Zimbabwe announced last week that it would shift to the Chinese Yuan as its reserve currency.

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These actions no doubt will bring in more Chinese investment and more development. This is also a sign to catch this opportunity to expand Zimbabwe mining market. Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources, coal, chrome, iron, asbestos, gold, silver, lithium, niobium, lead, zinc, tin, uranium, copper, nickel and diamonds. Coal, iron, chromium, asbestos and other mineral deposits is in an amount of good quality, which is renowned in the world.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery, a professional mining machinery producer, stone crusher machine, grinding mill manufacturer, producing various kinds of grinding mill and crusher. In 2016 Shanghai Clirik Machinery will invest capital to explore Zimbabwean mining market.