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Clirik Grinding Equipment Achieve Combination of Economic and Production Efficiency

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2017-01-04   

Grinding mill equipment is an important part of mining machinery. Grinding mills, including Raymond Mill, high-pressure hanging roller mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, ultra fine powder mill, three-ring medium-speed milling equipment and other large industrial mill, are not only used for the deep processing of raw materials in mineral, coal, electric power, chemical, building material, refractory material, metallurgy, water conservancy, building and highway, but also in railways, highways, Hydropower, municipal engineering and other construction to provide an efficient and reliable technology and equipment protection.

Clirik grinding mill equipment

Among them, High-pressure grinding equipment is made with mature experience of research and development. Advanced surfacing technology, stable hydraulic system and the import of the United States, Switzerland carbide provide a technical guarantee for the efficient production of equipment, and it is the best grinding equipment for a large enterprise production choice for materials with different hardness of nearly 100 tons of output per hour. The latest technology, efficient production capacity, design concept with wide range of grinding grain size and energy-saving environmental protection, the application of high-pressure pulverizer truly realizes the combination of economic efficiency and production efficiency in the production process. The use of lower equipment investment will be able to bring greater production capacity.
Grinding mill equipment
There are two kinds of high-pressure grinding mills: high-pressure suspension roller mill and high-pressure micro powder mill. Among them, the high-pressure hanging roller mill is improved based on the traditional mill. To increase, improve the grinding fineness, and improve the grinding efficiency when ensuring the normal operation. And electrical consumption of high-pressure grinding mill is low, floor space is small, one-time investment is small, liked by more and more customers. The emergence of high-pressure micro-powder mill solves problems of high cost of air mill grinding, and has wider use than airflow mill. Under the same conditions, energy consumption of high-pressure micro-powder mill system is only 1/3 of airflow mill, the price is only 1/8 of it. Because of characteristics of energy-saving, low investment and high-income, High-pressure micro-powder mill more and more welcomed by the majority of customers.