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Gabbro crushing and grinding equipment

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-02-27   

Gabbro is a widely distributed basic intrusive rock with a bulk density of 2.8~3.1g/cm3, a small porosity, a compressive strength of 200-280MPa, coarse grained soil, high durability and uniform structure. Gabbro can be turned into high-quality building aggregate through crushed stone processing equipment, and is widely used in various construction projects.


Gabbro crushing equipment

If you want to configure the gabbro crushed stone production line, you must first consider the characteristics of the gabbro, which has a uniform structure and a hard texture. These characteristics have high processing requirements for gabbro crushing equipment, and the equipment used needs to have high wear resistance and pressure resistance to reduce the wear of easy-wear parts. According to these requirements, jaw crushers and cone crushers can be used to process gabbro.


The jaw crusher and cone crusher have strong compression resistance, and the wearable parts are made of new wear-resistant materials, which have a long service life. In addition to these two main crushing equipment, auxiliary equipment is also an indispensable equipment in the gabbro crushed stone production line. There are feeders (responsible for sending stones into the crusher), belt conveyors (for conveying stones), and vibrating screens (to check whether the size of sand and gravel after screening is qualified).

jaw crusher


Gabbro crushed stone production process

The gabbro first enters the jaw crusher evenly through the feeder for primary crushing, and the belt conveyor sends the stone from the discharge port of the jaw crusher to the cone crusher for secondary crushing. The vibrating screen can screen out stones of different specifications, and directly transport them to the same finished product for pushing, and crush those that do not meet the specifications again.

raymond mill production line


Gabbro grinding equipment-Raymond mill

Raymond mill is an energy-saving and high-efficiency grinding equipment, which has a good effect on the processing of gabbro high-fine powder. The advantages of this equipment are as follows:

Raymond mill


(1) The gabbro after grinding has a high sieving rate, which can effectively improve the grinding efficiency of the equipment and enable users to obtain higher benefits in production.


(2) The vertical design structure reduces the required floor area of the equipment and facilitates the user's operation in production.


(3) The wearing parts of the equipment adopt international high-end raw materials, which reduces the wear and tear during production, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and reduces the user's expenditure on equipment maintenance.