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Mullite processing equipment Raymond mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-03-08   

Mullite, also known as kyanite, is a relatively rare aluminosilicate ore with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high strength. It has a wide range of uses in the industrial field, and is generally used in refractory materials, electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields, and has a very broad application prospect.




How is mullite processed?

For the processing of mullite, there are usually two processing techniques, one is crushing and the other is grinding. Since mullite is a typical non-metallic mineral, in order to ensure the purity of the material, it is recommended to use a high-pressure Raymond mill production line. The production line process is to initially crush the materials, then grind them, and then classify them with an air analyzer. The qualified materials are packaged and shipped, and the unqualified materials need to be processed again. The mullite powder produced by this production line has high precision.

raymond mill production line


Mullite processing equipment

The equipment used in the mullite grinding production line mainly includes jaw crusher, Raymond mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, transmission device, etc. The following is a detailed analysis of its core equipment:


1. Jaw crusher: Before the mullite is subjected to the grinding process, it is firstly crushed. According to the process requirements, it is necessary to choose crushing equipment with excellent performance and relatively large crushing capacity for processing, and users use more It's a jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

2. Raymond mill: This is the core equipment of the milling production line. The quality of the equipment is directly and closely related to the processing technology of the entire production line. Therefore, in the process of hardware configuration of the production line, a good one is selected. Equipment is the most important thing.

raymond mill

3. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder: This is an auxiliary part of the production line. Its function and function is to supply materials, so it is necessary to choose a feeder with a larger diameter, so as to meet the high requirements of users in terms of production capacity.


4. Bucket elevator: It is a connecting part of the equipment, and it is also a key part to realize the transfer of materials. Its working speed must match the production speed, so as to ensure the uniform processing of the production line.


Advantages of Mullite Raymond Mill

1. The overall structure design of the mullite Raymond mill is relatively reasonable, the adjustment of the analysis machine is relatively convenient, the adaptability is flexible, and the operation is easy.


2. The grinding pressure of the grinding roller on the mullite is relatively large, and the particle size of the ground mullite material is finer and more uniform.


3. There will be no dust explosion, vibration, shutdown and other faults during the operation, and the grinding process of mullite is safer and more reliable.


4. Compared with the same type of mullite mills on the market, the milling efficiency of this equipment has increased by more than 40%, which plays an important role in improving the overall processing efficiency of mullite.


5. Parts have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, are more durable, and the replacement cycle is relatively long.


6. The price of mullite Raymond mill is relatively low, the investment is small, and the income is large.


The structure of mullite Raymond mill

The main structure of mullite pulverizer includes frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, analyzer, blade, cover, finished product cyclone separator, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct, etc.

raymond mill

Wind separation process: After the mullite is ground, the fan blows the wind into the main casing, blows up the powder, and is sorted by the analyzer placed above the grinding chamber, and the finer materials fall into the grinding chamber for regrinding , the fineness meets the specifications and flows into the large cyclone collector with the wind, and after being collected, it is discharged through the powder outlet pipe to become a finished product.


Precautions for operation of mullite Raymond mill

1. Strengthen the technical training for equipment operation and maintenance personnel. Operators must have a detailed understanding of the structure, working principle and precautions of the mullite mill.


2. Regularly inspect the lubrication of the mullite mill to ensure sufficient lubricating oil.


3. If foreign matter is found to enter during the milling process, stop the machine immediately and take it out.


4. Ensure the uniform feeding of mullite materials, prohibiting sudden increase and decrease.


5. When shutting down, stop feeding first, and then stop the main machine after the mullite in the machine is ground.