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What are the effects of excessive feed particle size on dolomite Raymond mill?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-02-02   

Appropriate material particle size, uniform feeding speed, strong equipment performance, etc. are all important factors affecting the output of dolomite Raymond mill. In the process of grinding, some users think that no matter how big the material can be ground and crushed, this is a very wrong view. Because the large feed particle size is likely to affect the normal production of the dolomite Raymond mill. Here, let's talk about the impact of large feed particle size on dolomite Raymond mill.


1. In general, each type of pulverizer has a matching feeding device, and the size of the feeding port configured for each type is clearly specified. If we use the dolomite Raymond mill, the feed size to the equipment is too large, it is likely to cause material jams at the feed end. In this way, the efficiency of milling production is greatly reduced.


2. When there is a material jam at the feed inlet, a large amount of material will be accumulated and blocked together. At this time, the main machine of the dolomite Raymond mill is still running non-stop. When there is less material between the grinding rollers and grinding rings, or even material breakage, the chances of direct contact grinding between the grinding rollers and grinding rings of the dolomite Raymond mill will increase, and the impact force between the parts will be increased, and then Accelerate the damage of wearing parts.


3. At the same time, if the feed size is too large, when the big rock enters the grinding chamber of the dolomite Raymond mill, under the same quality, the larger the particle size of the material, the more difficult it is to grind the dolomite Raymond mill. The larger it is, it will not only reduce the production capacity of the dolomite Raymond mill, but also may cause insufficient grinding of the material, making the fineness of the output coarser. At the same time, the damage to the wearing parts of the dolomite Raymond mill will be more serious.


4. In addition, if the feed size of the dolomite Raymond mill is too large, it will inevitably increase the operating burden of the equipment, which will easily cause the mill to run tired and further increase the failure rate. In this way, over time, the life cycle of the accessories of the dolomite Raymond mill will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment.


Dolomite Raymond mill is a kind of professional ore pulverizing equipment. In the process of use, if the feed particle size cannot be well controlled, and the feed particle size is too large, the dolomite mine will be damaged. The influence of all aspects of the Mongolian mill is very large. Therefore, in the production of dolomite Raymond mill mechanism powder, we must pay attention to the grasp of the particle size of the material to prevent the performance of the equipment from declining.