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How to process granite into sandstone?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-01-05   

Uses of Granite Stones and Sand

Most people's understanding of granite is still limited to decoration and building materials, but in fact, granite stones and sand have passed professional testing, and it has been confirmed that they can be used in various engineering fields, especially for some large-scale construction projects. Granite stones and sand are used to configure high-strength concrete; the specific uses are as follows.


Granite stone use


13 stones with a particle size of 16-31.5mm are often used for irrigation of large-scale building foundations and road foundations, and have the characteristics of high strength and strong adaptability.


12 stones with a particle size of 10-20mm are more suitable for small volume concrete configuration, with better slump and higher fluidity.


Although 51 gravel with a particle size of 5-10mm is also commonly used in concrete, its particle size is small, and its role is to reduce porosity and save cementitious materials.


Granite Sand Uses


It is mainly used in construction, municipal, transportation, and other construction projects of C60 and below strength concrete. When the corresponding technical requirements are met, it can also be used in concrete projects such as ports and water conservancy. At the same time, it is suitable to prepare plastic concrete mixed with sand. , Large fluidity and pumping construction concrete.


Processing Technology of Granite Stone and Sand

The particle size of the quarried granite is about 50cm-1m2, and it needs to go through coarse crushing, medium crushing, sand making and other processes to turn it into stones and sand.


1. The mined granite falls from the silo and is sent to the feeder by the excavator. After simple screening, it is evenly and continuously fed into the jaw crusher for a stage of crushing, and is discharged after reaching the discharge range.


2. The coarsely crushed stones will be transported to the vibrating screen by the conveyor first to avoid failures such as material blocking of the crusher caused by oversized materials, and then to the cone crusher for secondary crushing until the particle size is below 40mm.


3. Then carry out another screening, and those that meet the particle size of the finished product will be transported to the transfer pile, and the rest will be crushed again or enter the sand making machine for crushing until the stones become sand, and the final work is to clean the impurities by the sand washing machine.


Granite stone and sand processing equipment

The quality, technology and durability of equipment will greatly affect the income of the entire production line, so for users who intend to put into production granite stones and sand, it is necessary to know which processing equipment can better handle granite , here is a brief summary for everyone based on user feedback and actual conditions.


Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a popular coarse crushing equipment in recent years. It is one of the series of jaw crushers. It has the advantages of large crushing force and strong processing capacity. For materials with high hardness such as granite, the jaw crusher of German version Key components such as boards and liners are made of high-quality alloy materials, and the whole machine is durable.
jaw crusher


Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is also a series of cone crushers with relatively advanced technology. The fixed-axis structure design, laminated crushing principle, PCL+ display automatic control system, and rolling mortar wall made of high manganese steel make it have It is very suitable for processing granite due to its low difficulty in operation and low secondary investment cost.
cone crusher


Sand making machine

The throwing head of the sand making machine responsible for driving the material is a modular design, only need to replace the severely worn part, and the peripheral guard plate responsible for impacting the material can be turned up and down for secondary use, which can save more than 30% of maintenance costs. And the two principles of "rock hitting rock" and "rock hitting iron" can greatly increase the sand yield of granite.

sand making machine