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spodumene crusher mill equipment

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-01-03   

Spodumene is one of the main lithium-containing minerals, often associated with crystal, tourmaline, beryl, quartz, albite, and microcline. Spodumene has glass luster, transparent-slightly transparent color, white, light green, green, yellow-green, yellow-brown, pink, purple, blue-green, blue and other colors. Spodumene often contains trace amounts of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and occasionally chromium, rare earths, helium, and cesium. Glassy spodumene, as the main source of lithium group, is widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, porcelain extraction, special glass, chemical industry and so on.


Spodumene crusher, also called spodumene crusher, is a kind of spodumene crushing equipment. There are many types of spodumene crushers, including hammer crushers, jaw crushers, roll crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, and impact crushers. Different kinds of crushers have different structures. For the cone spodumene crusher, it mainly has a frame, a drive shaft assembly, a main shaft assembly, an eccentric shaft sleeve assembly, a moving cone assembly, a fixed cone assembly, an adjustment device, a lubrication system, a hydraulic system, It is composed of spring safety system, feeding port and other components.

cone crusher

Common faults of spodumene crusher:

1. The spodumene crusher generates heat.


Reason: The loss of lubricating oil or the deterioration of pollution makes the lubrication device of the spodumene crusher invalid, and the friction force of the crusher bearing increases when it is running.


Solution: Add or replace new lubricating oil, replace worn bearings.


2. The particle size of the finished product of the spodumene crusher becomes larger:


Reason: The crushing device is severely worn and cannot crush the material finely. The sieve bar of the spodumene crusher is broken, and the material with large particle size can also be discharged through the sieve bar.


Solution: Replace the worn spodumene crusher crushing device. Replace the crusher screen.


3. The output of the spodumene crusher is small and slow.


Reason: Crusher material clogs the sieve plate. The vibrating feeder feeds less and feeds slowly.

Solution: Stop the spodumene crushing machine and clean up the blockage in the gap of the sieve bar. Adjust the feeding speed and feeding amount of the feeder.


4. The noise of the spodumene crusher is abnormal.


Cause: The spodumene grinder bolts are loose. Foreign matter has entered the crusher.


Solution: Tighten the bolts and nuts. Remove foreign matter from the crusher.


Spodumene grinding production line:

Spodumene mill is called spodumene mill, which is the main equipment of a spodumene mill production line, usually using Raymond mill. On the spodumene grinding production line, large pieces of spodumene are broken into pieces by the spodumene crusher, and the spodumene pieces enter the bucket elevator and are lifted to a high place and fall into the lower silo. The spodumene in the silo is evenly sent to the grinding cavity of the main machine of the spodumene mill by the vibrating feeder. After the spodumene is ground into powder by the pulverizer, the spodumene powder is sorted by the analyzer, and the spodumene powder of the required fineness is sorted out, and then enters the cyclone collector through the air duct, and finally passes through the outlet of the cyclone collector discharge.


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