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Which is more suitable for crushing pebbles, jaw crusher or cone crusher?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2022-02-16   

Cobblestone is an excellent raw material for machine-made sand, and it is more common in river channels and river beaches. Because of its convenient material acquisition and low cost, it is widely invested and loved by customers. Customers who process pebbles purchase more jaw crushers and cone crushers, so which one is more suitable for crushing pebbles?


The difference between jaw crusher and cone crusher for cobblestone treatment


Both jaw crusher and cone crusher can handle high hardness stones, so they can both crush pebbles. What are the differences between the two?


1. The difference between the crushing principle


a. The working part of the jaw crusher consists of a movable jaw plate and a fixed jaw plate. During the periodic reciprocating motion of the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed between the two toothed plates.


b. The motor of the cone crusher rotates, and the pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the cone part make a swinging motion under the forcing action of the eccentric sleeve. The crushing wall of the cone crusher sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the mill wall. The ore is continuously impacted, squeezed and bent in the crushing cavity, and finally the ore is broken.


2. Advantages and Differences


a. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio, simple structure, high output and stable operation. It is used for coarse crushing, and the finished aggregate has a uniform particle size and low operating costs.


b. Cone crusher has high sales volume, low energy consumption, uniform particle size of finished products, and good effect for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.


3. Differences in handling cobblestones


a. Jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment, which can handle 125-1500 mm feed cobblestone and 10-350 mm cobblestone discharge.


b. Cone crusher is secondary crushing equipment. The processed cobblestone feed is ≤300 mm-≤560 mm, and the finished cobblestone can meet the requirements of 3-64 mm.


Which one is more suitable for cobblestone processing?


Cobblestone has strong wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and high hardness, so it is better to choose jaw crusher and cone crusher. Customers who want to consult which jaw crusher or cone crusher is more suitable for crushing pebbles do not need to worry, mainly because the jaw crusher is a primary crushing equipment, and the cone crusher is secondary crushing equipment. The finished aggregate effects of the two are different. It can be purchased separately, or it can be purchased separately according to the actual processing requirements of the material.