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Limestone powder making machine

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-12-21   

Lime powder is a white powdery substance with calcium carbonate as the main component, and it is widely used in the market. How to turn lime blocks into lime powder?


How does the lime block become powder?


This requires the use of industrial mills. The ground lime powder does not directly send the lime blocks into the mill for grinding, but with the help of a limestone mill to crush it to a particle size of 30-50 mm, and then send it to the limestone mill for grinding. What are the advantages of choosing this limestone mill?

raymond mill

Raymond Mill


1. The sieving rate of flour milling is high.


2. Vertical structure, small footprint.


3. PLC electrical automation control, high-yield and more worry-free.


4. Parts such as grinding rollers and grinding rings are made of high-quality materials with long service life.


5. Compared with milling equipment such as superfine mill, its initial investment cost is not high.


How to achieve environmentally friendly production is a problem that enterprise users must consider. If you choose this milling equipment, you can achieve no dust pollution in the milling work.


The air pressure is negative during the entire working process of the equipment. First, the air blown by the blower enters the cyclone collector at the upper part of the storage bin along with the fine powder through the pipe, and returns to the blower through the return air pipe to form air circulation.


Then there is a powder locker at the lower end of the powder collector, its function is to isolate the external positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the powder collector, which greatly improves the output.


Finally, the remaining air and dust at the bottom of the main engine are sent to the bag filter through the pipeline for filtering, and the dust and other impurities are absorbed by the bag filter, which can effectively protect the environment and realize green powder production.


What are the uses of limestone powder?


Lime powder has many uses, such as: building lime powder, bleaching powder and lime, lime powder disinfectant, lime powder moisture proofing agent, lime powder fungicide, lime powder flooding agent, limestone powder and lime, used in power plants, brick factories, etc. Coal burning enterprises. Fine lime powder can also be mixed with lime to produce putty.


How much is a limestone mill?


Different types of milling equipment are used with different output requirements, and the corresponding quotations for different types of equipment are different. Therefore, when consulting the price of limestone mills, please provide your output requirements and investment budget. Our product manager will recommend a more suitable model of limestone mill equipment for you according to your needs, and attach a detailed quotation. Of course, if you want to save time and trouble, we also provide the EPC project general contract for the entire milling production line to help you realize the rapid commissioning of the project.


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