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Compared with ball mills, what are the advantages of vertical mills?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-12-07   

With the gradual development of metallurgical mining, the market application rate of large-scale grinding equipment is also rapidly increasing. At present, the high application rate of non-metallic mineral processing industry is still vertical mills and ball mills. Vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment with both crushing and grinding functions. Although both vertical mills and ball mills are used to grind powder, the working principle and structure of vertical mills are quite different from those of ball mills. The following article will analyze the advantages of vertical mills compared with ball mills.


1. Simple process


The vertical mill integrates crushing, grinding, drying, powdering and conveying. The material is conveyed by positive and negative pressure in a closed system, no elevator is needed, and the dust-containing gas from the grinding mill will directly enter the powder collector for collection. Therefore, the system technology of the vertical mill is simple, the failure rate is low, the operation rate is high, the layout is compact, and the building area is much smaller than that of the ball mill.

vertical roller mill

2. High grinding efficiency


The vertical mill adopts the principle of material bed grinding, which is 30% lower than that of the ball mill system.


3. Small wear and tear of accessories


The grinding roller of the vertical mill does not directly contact the grinding disc, so the wear is small. Generally speaking, the unit abrasion of the equipment is 4~6 g/ton, while the ball mill is as high as 500 g/ton. When grinding mineral materials with high requirements for whiteness, the vertical mill is much less affected than the ball mill.


4. Low noise


The whole vertical mill is working in a closed state, so there is less dust and the environment is clean. Moreover, when the vertical mill is working, the noise is relatively low, generally around 80 decibels. There is no direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. Compared with the ball mill, it is almost 20-25 decibels lower.


5. Concentrated range of discharge fineness


The discharge particle size of the vertical mill is uniform, and there will be no excessive grinding. Qualified materials can be separated in time. When using a vertical mill, the fineness of the material can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the separator, the wind speed and the pressure of the roller. The ball mill is easy to be crushed when used.