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What is a Vertical Mill? What are the advantages of vertical mill?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2022-11-30   
The vertical mill is a device for grinding various non-metallic ores. It has stable performance, simple operation, and advanced technology. It is also the mainstream equipment in the field of contemporary milling. Users pay attention to its sales price and manufacturers. The degree is very high, so what are the advantages and characteristics of the vertical mill?

Vertical Mill

Advantages of vertical mill

Multiple functions

The vertical mill has four functions: fine grinding function, thin skin function, mixing function, and shaping function. These functions can play a great role in production and make the quality of the finished product better.

1. Fine grinding function

Among them, the fine grinding function is the main function in milling. Users can achieve the desired function through the vertical mill. High-quality materials have higher technical requirements for equipment. The vertical mill can meet the user's requirements for high-quality raw materials. requirements.

2. Thin skin function

The thin skin function is for mica, graphite, kaolin and other layered materials. In the process of powder making, the materials need to be peeled off layer by layer. This function is controlling the operating parameters. Users can choose this function according to their needs.

3. Hybrid function

The main function of the mixing function is that the mixing effect of the material is very good, which can make the material finely ground and increase the direct mixing effect of the material. This function is also very important.

High output

Vertical mills are used in large-scale industrial milling equipment, and the output is higher than that of ordinary Raymond mills. In terms of ore grinding, vertical mills are used in the processing of cement raw materials, metal ores, non-metallic ores and other materials. In terms of coal grinding, it is mostly used in thermal power plants and in large-scale pulverizing process production. The design process is mature and can fully meet the needs of users.

Good environmental protection effect

Due to the reasonable design structure of the vertical mill, advanced configuration, good design dust collector technology, and the use of cyclone dust collectors to collect finished products, the system configuration is relatively simple, the sealing is good, and there is no dust pollution on the production site, which meets the production standards.

Wide range of applications

  1. 1. Used for black ore grinding including iron ore, chrome ore and manganese ore.
  2. 2. It is used for fine grinding of non-ferrous ores, including gold ore, copper ore, molybdenum ore, lead-zinc ore, multi-gold ore, bauxite, etc.
  3. 3. Used for fine grinding of non-metallic minerals, including heavy calcium carbonate, kaolin, sepiolite, clay, illite, graphite, mica, wollastonite, dolomite, phosphate rock, limestone, aragonite, talc, bentonite Wait.
  4. 4. Processing in the field of building materials, including blast furnace slag and cement
  5. 5. The use in the material industry includes silicon carbide, ferrite, and electrolytic manganese.

Why CLUM Series Vertical Roller Mill Is Better Than Ball Mill?

  • 1. CLUM series ultrafine vertical mill, it can make both D98 and D50 size super fine. 0-2 micron size content is very high the first time grinding and separating.
  • 2. Compared with Germany's ball mill. When you choose steel balls with steel liners. Our CLUM series ultrafine vertical mill can make 50% lower power consumption, and the powder whiteness can be 3 to 10 higher than the ball mill.
  • When you choose ceramic balls with ceramic liners for the ball mill. our CLUM series mill can make 50% higher capacity and 30% lower power consumption.
  • And the spare part cost can be 30% lower than the ball mill.
  • 3. CLUM ultrafine vertical grinding mill works very environmentally friendly. when it working it has no dust out. and it can make sure the noise is very low, smaller than 60 dB. You can only hear the motor running sound.

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