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Can power plant slag be used to grind fly ash?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2022-12-19   

Power plant slag, referred to as electric furnace slag, is a solid waste discharged from thermal power plants, industrial and civil boilers and other equipment during the process of coal burning and metal smelting. The main components are calcium, iron, copper, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus, etc. oxides, but can power plant slag be used to grind fly ash?


Power plant slag can be used to grind coal ash

Because the power plant slag is the solid residue obtained after the coal gasifier gasifies the raw coal, it is pulverized with a pulverizer, and then mixed with the first-grade fly ash to make the second-grade fly ash.


Power plant slag is ground into fly ash, which can be used to make cement, bricks and refractory materials according to different components, which can improve the fluidity and workability of cement concrete and reduce the heat of hydration of concrete. It also has slag powder to make cement concrete Fast film removal, high early and late strength, and at the same time improve the impermeability and frost resistance of concrete, increase the slump, improve the grade of concrete, and reduce the cost of concrete (can replace part of the cement in the same amount).


What machine is used for slag processing fly ash?

Most of the slag is spherical, with a rough surface and many edges and corners, with a Mohs hardness of 9. The particle size of the ground fly ash is about 80-360 mesh, and the residual amount of the 45μm square hole sieve is not more than 12%, 30%, 45%. Common processing machines on the market include Raymond mill and ball mill, both of which are good choices, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Raymond Mill

raymond mill


Processing capacity: 8-176 tons per day


Feed particle size: ≤30mm


The whole machine is a three-dimensional structure with a small footprint and a strong system. It has an independent production system from rough processing of raw materials to transportation to milling and packaging. The powder is fine and uniform, the sieving rate is high, the floor space is small, and the intelligent operating system is adopted. Coupled with the new pulse dust removal equipment, the dust removal effect is good, the pollution is reduced, the material is uniform, the sorting accuracy is high, and the quality of the finished fine powder is high.


Ball mill

ball mill


Processing capacity: 0.65-615 tons per hour


Feed particle size: ≤25mm


The fly ash ball mill is designed for this raw material and has a better use effect. It is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, a skeleton type driven by an external gear and two hoppers. The structure of the end cover of the ordinary mill is retained, and the reasonable design of the feeding port in the feeding part increases the feeding amount without inertial impact. At the same time, it adopts full hydraulic operation and is easy to use, realizing automation and improving efficiency.