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How to improve the crushing efficiency of the cone crusher?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-08-13   

Cone crusher is a mechanical equipment used for ore crushing on a sand and gravel production line. Commonly used ore crushers on sand and gravel production lines are jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers and other crushing machinery and equipment.

cone crusher

In the production and crushing process of the cone crusher, if the crushed material needs to contain debris, it is easy to cause the cone crusher to block the problem. Therefore, how to solve the problem by yourself when encountering this situation, save time and effort, and improve the utilization rate of broken products?


1. To check the source of raw materials, pre-screen the materials that need to be crushed, and filter the materials that do not meet the crushing requirements.


2. Make sure the material is dry before crushing. Before crushing, there are still some ores that are difficult to handle, such as screening, washing, ore blending, etc., to ensure the cleanliness of the materials to control the moisture content before crushing. If there are still materials that cannot fall during the crushing process, measures should be taken to reduce the speed of the main shaft and increase the discharge port. However, when adjusting the discharge port, if the angle cannot be adjusted peacefully, measures should be taken.


For the cone crusher, the average particle size of the feed equivalent of the cone crusher is generally about half of the maximum allowable feed size, so the number of material layers in the feed layer is about 2 layers. In this case, the crushing and processing output of the entire cone crusher can be increased.


Precautions for operation and maintenance of cone crusher


Cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing force, high economic output, low operating cost, etc. The proper operation of the cone crusher during use is the main factor that affects the service life and work efficiency of the cone crusher. In order to better use and maintain the cone crusher, we need to pay attention to the following matters.

cone crusher

1. During the operation of the cone crusher, always pay attention to whether the machine's rock-breaking sound, running sound, and gear meshing sound are normal, and pay attention to whether there are other abnormal sounds inside the body;


2. Whether the cone crusher is running smoothly, whether the logistics enters and discharges evenly, whether the discharge port is unblocked, to prevent blockage and cause machine failure;


3. Always check the operation of the cone crusher oil pump to see if it is working properly.



Cone crusher maintenance method:

cone crusher

Seasonal maintenance of cone crusher: mainly replace the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the applicable season, adopt and increase anti-freezing measures.


Regular maintenance of the cone crusher: after the completion of the new machine and the overhaul, the cone crusher needs to be maintained regularly. The main contents are cleaning, tightening, adjustment and replacement of lubricating oil.


Cone crusher transfer maintenance: Before the cone crusher is transferred to the construction site, the transfer maintenance should be carried out. The operation content can be maintained according to the technical condition of the cone crusher, and anti-corrosion can be carried out if necessary.