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How to solve the problem of poor discharge of dolomite Raymond mill?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-08-06   
When the Raymond mill is used to grind dolomite, environmental factors and human factors will cause the dolomite Raymond mill to produce poorly. Once the dolomite Raymond mill has such a situation, it will directly affect the quality and efficiency of dolomite, which will lead to a decline in the benefits of users. So, what are the reasons for the poor discharge of the dolomite Raymond mill? When such a situation occurs, how should we solve it?

1. With the continuous use of the dolomite Raymond mill, the wear of the grinding roller and ring will become more and more serious. This may result in materials that cannot be ground normally. When the discharging granularity is large, the discharging of the dolomite Raymond mill will be unsmooth. Therefore, when such a situation occurs, we should first observe the size of the output particle size. When the discharging particle size becomes significantly larger, it is likely to be caused by excessive wear of the grinding roller, grinding ring and other parts.


2. If the dolomite Raymond pulverizer feeds too much or too fast at one time, it will cause the dolomite Raymond pulverizer to overload. As a result, the production capacity of the mill is reduced, and the material cannot be sufficiently ground. Poor discharging will happen as a result. Therefore, when the dolomite Raymond mill is working, it is necessary to ensure the correct feeding method, such as uniform feeding, so as to ensure the normal working efficiency of the dolomite Raymond mill.


3. The high humidity of the material will also cause the dolomite Raymond pulverizer to discharge unsmoothly. When the water content of the ground material is too high, the finished material will easily stick together or adhere to the inner wall. As a result, clogging occurs, leading to poor discharge. It can be seen that strictly controlling the moisture content of the material is an effective measure to prevent the blockage of the dolomite Raymond mill.


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