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What are the common problems in the grinding process of industrial mills?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-09-03   

Pulverizers are widely used in industrial production, especially in the mining industry. In the field of mechanical equipment, mills have always occupied an important position in the mineral, chemical, and building materials industries. However, many problems often occur during use. The following are common problems and solutions.


industrial mill

Fault 1: The host is noisy and vibrates

Reason analysis:

1. The feed volume is small.

2. The blade is severely worn, and the material cannot be shoveled, and the anchor bolts are loose;

3. The material is hard and has a large impact, or there is no material layer;

4. The grinding ring of the grinding roller is seriously out of round and deformed.



1. Adjust the feeding amount of Raymond Mill;

2. Replace the new blade;

3. Replace the feed size;

4. Replace the grinding roller and grinding ring.


Fault 2: Fan vibration

Reason analysis:

1. Powder accumulation or unbalanced wear on the wind blade;

2. Loose anchor bolts.



1. Remove the powder accumulation on the blade or replace the blade;

2. Tighten the anchor bolts.


Fault 3: The finished powder is too coarse or too fine

Reason analysis:

1. The blades of the analysis machine are severely worn and can not be used for classification;

2. The air volume of the fan is not appropriate.



1. Change the blade length to properly reduce the fan inlet air volume to solve the problem of too thick;

2. If it is too thin, increase the inlet air volume.


Failure 4: Damaged cup of powder feeding bearing of grinding roller device

Reason analysis:

1. The oil is cut off, or the sealing ring is damaged;

2. The long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.



1. Refuel in time according to the stipulated time;

2. Regularly clean and replace the oil seal.


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