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What is 3000 Mesh Grinding Mill Price in Shanghai

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2017-05-08   

3000 mesh stone powder, for many powder making manufacturers is a relatively difficult to reach the fineness. For this reason, the finer stone powder price will be higher in the market. 3000 mesh stone powder, can be widely used in textiles, cosmetics, building materials, and even food. However, what is 3000 mesh grinding mill price? I will tell you right now.


As we all know, the price of superfine powder grinding mill is very expensive at present market. However, not every grinding mill manufacturer only offers high price grinding mill for their customers. There are some grinding mill manufacturer could offer you a cheaper grinding mill price. And this grinding mill not only has a cheaper price, but also high efficiency and good quality. So, who can supply this 3000 mesh grinding mill with cheaper price for you. Who is that? Please look for such a supplier in Shanghai China.


grinding mill price


Shanghai Clirik Machinery has a more than 20 years experience of the grinding mill. We can offer a cheaper grinding mill price for our customers. Compare with other stone powder grinding machine, our HGM series micro powder grinding mill not have a cheaper price, but also have advantages on quality and efficiency. Our HGM80 micro powder grinding mill output can be up to 45 t/h, and the finish powder fineness could be adjusted between 300 mesh to 3000 mesh.


As for our HGM80 micro powder grinding mill price, I will tell you the host of HGM80 is about $60000. The whole set stone powder production line is about $80000-$100000. If you want to know more details about our product, you can leave your message on our website, our engineer or sales manager could share more with you.