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ore mineral grinding mill prices

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-06-22   

Ore mineral grinding mill refer to equipment used to grind and pulverize non-flammable, explosive, non-metallic ores with Mohs hardness not greater than 7 and humidity below 6%. Ore grinding mills are sold and demanded in the market. The quantity is relatively large, so how much is an ore mineral grinding mill?


Recommended types of ore mineral grinding mills:

There are many kinds of ore on the market, such as marble, barite, potash feldspar, dolomite, limestone, gypsum, etc., which can be used for crushing, grinding, and pulverizing so that they can be better used in the market. The price of an ore mineral grinding mill depends on what kind of ore to process and what mill to use.


Ore grinding equipment has already occupied a considerable position in ore crushing and beneficiation equipment technology. Common ore mineral grinding mills include: three-ring medium-speed mill, ultra fine grinding mill, high-pressure Raymond mill and other grinding machines. They are widely used for grinding all kinds of ores, grinding all kinds of non-metallic ores with Mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity below 6%, mineral soil, oxides, chemical synthesis and other materials, such as calcium carbonate, bentonite, wollastonite , Kaolin, magnesium oxide and so on.


1. Raymond mill

In the field of milling, everyone is not unfamiliar with Raymond mills. It is a milling equipment with a wide range of applications. The daily output of Raymond mill is about 8-175 tons, the feed size is ≤30mm, and the finished product fineness is 80-600 mesh.

raymond mill


2. High-strength suspension roller mill

The utilization rate of this equipment is only lower than that of Raymond mill, and its shape is similar to Raymond mill. The feed size is ≤25mm, the production capacity is 0.6-52t/h, and the finished product has a fineness of 400-800 mesh. This equipment has high sieving rate and uniform fineness, which is not available in other milling equipment.

high pressure roller mill


3. Micro powder grinding mill

The micro powder mill has a wide range of applications, low investment costs, and high returns. The feed size is ≤25mm, the output is 0.2-45 t/h, the finished product fineness is 325-3000 mesh, the feed size is large, and the output size is fine.

micro powder grinding mill


4. Ultra fine vertical roller mill

The vertical ultra-fine mill is more suitable for the production and processing of large enterprises with high daily demand, and integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, conveying and packaging. The fineness of the feed material is 30 mm, and the fineness of the finished product is 300-3000 mesh. Compared with the above, the equipment requires a larger floor space, and the installation is more complicated.


ultrafine vertical mill


The fineness of the final product ground by the ore mill is 300-3000 mesh. Today's grinders and Raymond pulverizers each have their own characteristics. The grinder has large output and high fineness, which is more suitable for customers who pursue high quality and high output. The Raymond grinder has a small footprint, is easy to maintain, and has low investment cost, which is more suitable for initial investors. The grinder is developed and produced on the basis of the Raymond mill. Therefore, in all aspects of performance, the grinder is slightly superior to the Raymond mill in terms of performance. The grinder can process more than 100 kinds of ore materials.

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How much does it cost to invest in an ore mineral grinding mill?

Because different types of ore mills have different performances, different functions realized, and different fineness of finished materials, the quotation of the equipment is also different. In addition, different manufacturers of ore mills have different strengths, different equipment processes, and different materials, resulting in different quotations of equipment on the market. If you want to invest in ore mills, you can use CLIRIK. Our factory has nearly 30 years of rich experience in R&D and production. All mills sold are sold at ex-factory prices. There is no dealer agent, so you can save more Investment expenses.


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