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Wollastonite Mill Grinding Machine for Sale

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-06-18   

The crystals of ultra-fine wollastonite powder show a state of fluorescence or phosphorescence under ultraviolet irradiation. The wollastonite powder ground by mine mill equipment has needle-like, fibrous crystal morphology, and also has a relatively high Whiteness and unique physical and chemical properties are widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemicals, papermaking, welding rods, metallurgical protective slag, asbestos substitutes and other fields.


Application of wollastonite powder:

1. Plastic industry: Wollastonite powder is very useful in the plastic industry. It has been widely used in various plastics such as epoxy, phenolic, thermosetting polyester, polyolefin, etc. It is mainly used to improve tensile strength and flexural strength. , To reduce costs.

2. Rubber industry: Wollastonite powder pulverized by ultrafine mill equipment has a special needle-like structure, white color, and non-toxic. It is an ideal filler in the rubber field and can endow rubber with special functions that it does not have.

3. Coating industry: Wollastonite powder is used as a filler for paints and coatings, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of the product, durability and weather resistance, reduce the gloss of the paint, enhance the expansion ability of the coating, reduce cracks, and can also reduce oil absorption and increase Anti-corrosion ability.

4. Papermaking industry: In this field, wollastonite powder can reduce the amount of wood pulp, reduce costs, improve the performance of paper products, and increase the smoothness and opacity of products. Therefore, it can be used as a composite fiber for plant fiber composites;

5. Building materials industry: Building materials grade wollastonite powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive and other advantages, gradually replacing asbestos which is harmful to human health and becoming a new raw material for environmentally friendly building materials in the new century.

6. Ceramic industry: Ceramic-grade wollastonite powder is added to the ceramic raw materials with proper amount of wollastonite powder, which can greatly reduce the firing temperature, shorten the firing time, and achieve rapid firing at low temperature.


What are the optional mills for wollastonite mills?

Wollastonite is divided into different fineness grades according to its use method and field. Available mills include Raymond mill, ultrafine vertical mill, and micro-powder mill. When selecting, we need to pay attention to the output of the product and the fineness of the powder. At the same time, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of the equipment. If there is a phenomenon of air leakage, it will affect the purity of the finished wollastonite and cause environmental pollution. Compared with other milling equipment, the wollastonite ultrafine vertical mill is more suitable for large-volume production and has a certain dehumidification function. The wearing parts of the micro-powder mill have longer life and lower energy consumption.


Each model of wollastonite mill has its own merits, and each optional mill has its own characteristics. You need to choose different models according to the production standards you want to focus on. For example, micro powder grinding mill can obtain fine materials of thousands of meshes. The ultrafine vertical mill occupies a small area and the model is new. The Raymond mill has a longer time on the market and is relatively stable. This model is cheap and has good working performance.


Wollastonite powder mill grinding machine selection Raymond mill

Raymond pulverizer is a commonly used grinding equipment in the grinding market. Raymond pulverizer can process various non-flammable and explosive minerals with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity not more than 6%. , Heavy calcium carbonate, limestone, slag, dolomite, mica stone and other materials are often used for grinding operations, and can also be used for grinding metal ores such as gold ore, iron ore and copper ore with low hardness. The grinding output range is between 80-600 mesh, 1-30 t/h.
Raymond mill


Wollastonite powder mill grinding machine chooses ultrafine vertical mill

Ultra-fine vertical mill with high grinding efficiency. This type of grinding equipment can grind and crush various non-flammable and explosive minerals with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity not exceeding 7%, such as quartz, feldspar, marble, granite, bauxite, coal gangue, Ideal equipment for grinding coal and other materials. The grinding output range can be adjusted arbitrarily between 300-3000, which is suitable for large-volume production.
0.2-45 t/h.

ultra fine vertical mill

Wollastonite powder mill grinding machine chooses micro powder grinding mill

Ultra-fine powder mill, also called micro-powder grinding mill, its grinding output range can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325-3000 mesh. With the finer the fineness of the discharge, the more difficult it is to grind, and the corresponding grinding ability will decrease.

ultra fine grinding mill

Production process of wollastonite grinding powder:

(1) Wollastonite is broken.
The first step of the production process of wollastonite powder-crushing. The jaw crusher crushes large pieces of wollastonite into particles smaller than 40 mm in size, and stores them in a storage tank for later use.

(2) Wollastonite grinding powder
The second step of the production process of wollastonite powder-milling. The crushed wollastonite particles are uniformly fed into the mill for grinding by the dosing feeder.

(3) Classification of wollastonite powder
The third step of the production process of wollastonite powder-classification. The milled wollastonite fine powder is sent to the analyzer on the top of the mill through the hot air from the bottom of the mill, and the fineness reaches the standard through the sieve, and the coarse powder falls back to the bottom of the mill to continue grinding. Until the ultrafine wollastonite powder can be obtained through the analyzer.

(4) Wollastonite powder collection
The fourth step of the production process of wollastonite powder-collection. The wollastonite powder passing through the analyzer is sent to the dust collector through the air pipe through the hot air for collection, and is to be packaged. The bottom of the powder collector is connected to the packaging machine, and the production process of wollastonite powder is completed by packaging into a bag.


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