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Working Principle and Second Classifying System of Vertical Roller Mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2018-05-28   

We had development a new technology mining powder making machine and we are so proud of it. So today’s topic is mainly around the vertical roller mill’s working principle and compare with other grinding system, the advanced second classifying system. Now, let read more about Clirik CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill.


vertical roller mill


Working Principle of Vertical Roller Mill


The raw materials are released and transmitted by the feeding belt conveyor from the raw material hopper, with the weight of the materials being controlled by the belt scale and the tramp iron in the materials being removed by the iron remover. Subsequently, the materials are sent to the elevator, via the air lock valve and screw conveyor, into the mill interior for pulverization. After pulverization, the qualified powder separated from the powder classifier is transmitted into the tank-type pulse dust collector, then after the screw conveyor and discharge valve they are transported to the final product hopper, packed ans sold directly.


A small amount of coarse materials (colloquially”slag”) is released out by the mill unit, and re-feed into the vertical roller mill to be grind again.

(Warning: the iron remover of the feeding belt conveyor ensure the operation safety of ultra fine vertical roller mill.)


vertical roller mill


Second Classifying System of Vertical Roller Mill


In some specific industries, high quality powder are demanded especially for powders cut-off size, and 2um content percentage, thus secondary or third classifier system will be added to meet their demand.

With the ultra fine classifier as core equipment, the system including buffering silo, bucket elevator, blower, air-proof discharging valve, classifier, pipes and dusts, bag filter, screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor and so on.

After the second or the third classifier, the final powder fineness can up to 6000-10000 mesh, and the powder product also has a uniform size.


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