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Clirik Expert Tell You Mineral Grinding Process Procedure

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2014-12-12   

Mineral grinding process general includes three stages, the raw mineral crushing process, mineral mill process and final mineral powder collecting process.

gridning mill.jpg

1. Why we need to crush raw material

According to our statistics, 90% customers’ raw materials are bigger than the max. feeding size of grinding mill. In this case, we will use one small model jaw crusher or one PC hammer crusher crush raw mineral firstly. As to the 10%, one hopper can ensure raw materials are able to be transported to grinding mills evenly. Grinding plants that without raw material crushing process usually cost less than cost of grinding plant equipped with crusher.

2. How to choose grinding machine

When customers choose one grinding machine, the most important factor is the output size of the grinding mill. Currently, grinding mills are sorted into three parts, coarse powder mill (0~3mm), medium-fine powder mill(1~425mesh) and superfine powder grinding machine (425~2500mesh, even finer). There is no doubt that using different grade mills, the grinding efficiency will be quite different. So we recommend customers using our seasoned engineers’ suggestion.

3. What should we take into attention in powder collection

What’s the most important in this process is environment protection. On the one hand, the governments usually have strictly requirements to environment protection; on the other hand, good environment is good for operators and the machine sealing system. So customers would better equip one ash separator in powder grinding plant. Another important factor is keeping the negative grinding environment. There are also some other details, like foundation building process. More details please contact us, we will answer you one by one.