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Technical Innovation and Industry Reform of Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2020-12-22   

With the continuous development of society and the continuous innovation of science and technology, in the mining equipment industry, we must also reform the ultra fine grinding mill and open a new chapter, so that the ultra fine grinding mill can keep up with the pace of the times. But how should we reform the ultra fine grinding mill?

The improved ultra fine grinding mill can perform ultra fine grinding of non-metallic minerals such as calcite, dolomite, talc, elder clay, barite, rutile, and fluorite. Take calcite as an example: the feed size is 25mm, after grinding, when the fineness is adjusted to 1250 mesh (10um), the output can reach 3t/h, and the input power is only about 230kw, which is significantly better than the traditional ultra fine grinding mill. High cost performance.

There is no swing in the center of the ultra fine grinding mill. The traditional part of the analyzer is changed from the internal drag type to the external hanging drive. The cavity is rotated and isolated, thereby enhancing its work in the crushing area, so that the materials to be ground are always gathered Effective processing is carried out in the grinding area to improve the grinding efficiency. We have also updated the stability, durability and structure of the grinding roller, so that the grinding roller and the grinding roller shaft can complement each other. It can also revolve while rotating, making it more efficient and durable. And can work under greater grinding force and higher operating speed.


ultra fine grinding mill

In the ventilation part, the air box and air duct are changed from the original horizontal bottom to 30 degrees to the center to form a bucket shape to ensure that the air box and air duct are always unblocked without blockage, so that the air volume is always required and the main machine grinding is at the highest efficiency.

In the design of the whole system, the traditional two-level collection is changed to four-level collection. The first- and second-level collection uses circulating negative pressure lock-type collection, no dust spills, and the third and fourth-level collection adopts controllable overflow dry and wet series collection to prevent dust overflow. While the entire system collects ultrafine powder, it eliminates or reduces pollution to the surrounding environment.

The reform of the ultra fine grinding mill can make the ultra fine grinding mill perform better when smashing the material, and also improve the production efficiency of the ultra fine grinding mill, allowing the ultra fine grinding mill to keep up with technology The pace of progress. Of course, these improvements are relatively common in the current mill industry, and in order to be able to better improve the ultrafine mill, we must conduct more in-depth research and make more in-depth improvements on the ultra fine grinding mill. , Only in this way can we always ensure the processing effect of the ultra fine grinding mill and allow more users to approve the use of the ultra fine grinding mill.