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Powder Calcium Carbonate Processing Technology

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2020-12-29   

What is the processing technology of calcium carbonate? The complete structure of the calcium carbonate grinding mill is composed of a host, an analyzer (powder separator), a pipeline device, a blower, a finished cyclone separator, a jaw crusher, a hoist, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and an electronic control motor. Among them, the main body of the calcium carbonate mill is composed of a frame, an air inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a cover and a motor.


When the main machine of the calcium carbonate grinding mill is working, the grinding roller is tightly rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. The material is scooped up by the shovel and sent to the center of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The material is broken into Then, under the action of the fan, the powdered materials are blown up and passed through the analyzer. The materials that meet the requirements of fineness pass through the analyzer, and those that fail to meet the requirements return to the grinding chamber to continue grinding, and the materials passing through the analyzer enter the cyclone separator Separate collection. The exhaust air adopts industrial filter cloth to isolate the exhaust air into powder at one time.


A related introduction to the calcium carbonate powder industry: in the 1950s and 1960s, there was processing and grinding of calcium carbonate powder, but the production of ordinary coarse calcium powder was troublesome, and the mill equipment and milling process used by the enterprise were also Most of them were produced and designed in previous years. These ancient calcium carbonate equipment had the disadvantages of bulkiness, high energy consumption, high noise, low productivity, low automation, high labor intensity, and low efficiency. This was seriously affected by the world's technological level at that time. In the later stage, the structure of the calcium carbonate industry was also quietly changing. The old and backward calcium carbonate powder equipment could not meet the needs of industrial production, and advanced research equipment was replaced. Many industries are still using ordinary coarse calcium powder, such as our common building floor tiles, ordinary coatings, plastic shoe strips, large plastic pallets and other fields, while most other fields strictly require equipment upgrades, and calcium carbonate powder production equipment is also It has been upgrading and developing to meet social needs.


Calcium carbonate is produced in different ways and is roughly divided into: heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate and crystalline calcium carbonate. Dry processing technology can be obtained by directly crushing natural calcite, limestone, chalk, shells, etc. by mechanical (mill) pulverization. It can be produced by using different types of mills for ultra-fine grinding. Process flow: The crusher crushes the large-size calcium carbonate raw materials into small particles less than 30mm, and transports them to the calcium carbonate grinding mill for grinding. After being ground by the concentrator, the product reaches the required fineness and is sent to the warehouse for storage or delivery Used in product workshop.

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