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Application fields and development suggestions of universal clay bentonite

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Introduction of Bentonite


Bentonite is originated from the place of origin of Wyoming clay in the United States, and also known as "porphyry" or "bentonite". Bentonite is a non-metallic mineral with montmorillonite as the main mineral composition. The montmorillonite structure is a 2:1 crystal structure composed of two silica tetrahedrons and one layer of aluminum oxide octahedron. Because of the layered structure formed by montmorillonite cells, there are some cations, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc., and the interaction between these cations and montmorillonite cells is not firm, and it is easy to be exchanged by other cations, and has good ion exchange. Bentonite has good physical and chemical properties, known as "universal clay", and can be used as binder, suspension agent, thixotropic agent, stabilizer, purification decolorizer, filling material, feed, catalyst, etc., and is widely used in metallurgy, oil, casting, food, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industrial sectors.


Application of Bentonite


With the development and utilization of new characteristics and functions of bentonite, the application scope of bentonite is still expanding. The application of bentonite products can be pided into inorganic bentonite and organic bentonite products.


Application in oil drilling


Organic bentonite is the most basic oil-related colloid in oil-based drilling fluid, and is an indispensable additive. It can not only improve the viscosity and shear force of drilling fluid, but also reduce the filtration of oil-based drilling fluid.


Application in grease


Bentonite grease is a gelatinizing grease made of organic soil as thickener. It has the advantages of high temperature, no fear of moisture and moisture, good colloidal stability, good chemical stability, thermal stability and anti extreme pressure performance.


Application in rubber


It can improve the performance of rubber products, reduce the cost of rubber products, improve the bonding strength between rubber and cord and the processing performance of rubber.


Application in paint coating


Organobentonite has been widely used in coatings. The use of organic bentonite in paint ink can improve its touch denaturation, emulsion suspension and stability, improve the spreading property, prevent sagging and sagging, increase the thickness of paint film, prevent paint precipitation, improve storage stability, and increase the quality of paint and the life of paint parts.


Application in daily chemicals


Organic bentonite is introduced into various cosmetics such as cream, grease paste, toothpaste and nail polish, etc. it improves the thixotropy of organic bentonite, thickens, prevents sinks, prevents oil from emulsification and emulsification.


Application in environmental protection


The capacity of organic bentonite to absorb organic pollutants in water is dozens to hundreds times higher than that of the original soil, and can also be used as the adsorption treatment material for organic waste gas.


Application in textile field


The dyeing uniformity and dyeing rate will be improved by using the double hydrophilicity of organic bentonite, dye and water. The properties of organobentonites easily adsorbed on the surface of fibers can be used as fabric softeners, which can be used as lubrication, moisture absorption and antistatic.


∑ for glass fiber resin


The application of organobentonite in glass fiber resin can improve the thixotropy and suspension of the resin, thus increasing the storage stability of the resin. It is easy to pump, spray and prevent flowing and hanging in the process of curing.


Application in other fields


Organobentonites are also widely used in pesticide, plastics, resins, electronics and other industries.


At present, the global bentonite resources are rich and widely distributed, mainly distributed around the Pacific, Indian Ocean belt, Mediterranean and black sea. According to statistics, the total reserves of bentonite in the world are about 7 billion tons. The main resources are China, the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Japan, etc., and the proved reserves of the former three countries account for 4 / 5 of the world reserves.


According to the survey statistics, China's Bentonite reserves rank the first in the world, accounting for 60% of the total global volume, with complete types and wide distribution, covering 26 provinces and cities. At present, the proved reserves are over 586 million tons, which is sufficient for China. It is mainly distributed in Guangxi, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and regions. At present, it has developed major bentonite mining areas in Liaoning, Hebei, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu and Guangxi.


Bentonite standard in China was first used in foundry industry, coating industry and oil and gas industry. Among them, bentonite for casting, bentonite for mud and bentonite for metallurgical pellet account for most of them.


Suggestions for the development of bentonite industry in China


According to the article of China economic intelligence network in the article "analysis of the market status of China's Bentonite industry in 2020, the market prospect of organic bentonite is good", it is necessary to make the development of bentonite in China:


(1) We will improve the conditions for industry access, accelerate the implementation of the strategy of large enterprise groups and improve the concentration of the industry. Cultivate large companies with strong R & D and innovation ability and leading products. On this platform, through integration and promotion, industrial structure adjustment and technological innovation of bentonite industry can be promoted to achieve the efficient and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources.


(2) Strengthen the basic research and deep processing technology innovation of bentonite. We will strengthen the research on the basic properties of bentonite and the innovation and development of deep processing technology and equipment, accelerate the solution of technical constraints of the development of bentonite industry in China, improve the technology of deep processing of bentonite and the quality control technology of products in China, promote the development of processing equipment to large-scale and intelligent, develop series and high-end products of bentonite, and fully realize the resource value of different endowment resources, The resource advantage of bentonite mine in China should be given full play.


(3) The research and application of functional mineral materials of bentonite are emphasized. Bentonite, as energy-saving and environmental protection functional mineral material, has been paid more attention to because of its functional characteristics, and it also opens up a new space for the development of bentonite industry. In the future, the demand for bentonite in this field will be increasing day by day. The research and development of functional mineral materials of bentonite should be paid attention to, and the application fields and scope of bentonite should be expanded.


In short, China's Bentonite industry should promote supply side reform, accelerate the transformation of development mode and economic structure adjustment, accelerate scientific and technological research and development, and make China become a strong country of Bentonite from a big country of bentonite.

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