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High pressure grinding mill for ‎slag micro-powder production process

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-06-28   

‎Slag micro-powder is mainly used in cement mixed and added in commercial concrete, can improve the strength, ease and ease of cement, improve the durability of cement concrete, reduce water heating, etc., the use is relatively extensive, the market demand is also very large, but many people do not know what is the slag micro-powder production process? And which one is good for the grinder?


‎Slag micro-powder production process‎

Slag micro-powder production process mainly has 4 processes, generally there are raw material transport, slag drying, grinding powder, finished products of these four processes

  • Slag raw material transportation: ‎‎Slag is transported from the conveyor to the ingredients station, the plaster is fed into the hopper by the wheel loader, and then delivered to the plaster ingredients compartment by the bucket lifter. Slag, gypsum silos under the belt ingredients scale, after the measurement of the mixture from the tape conveyor to the slag drying system.‎

  • ‎Slag drying:‎‎ The wet material after mixing slag and gypsum is dried, including: heating system, heat exchange system, ventilation and dust removal system, the whole system set heating, drying, dust collection as an organic whole.‎

  • ‎Grinding system:‎‎ After drying slag needs to enter the grinder for grinding, grinding machine powder out of the slag powder after screening, and grinder slag powder from the spiral conveyor back to the mill to continue grinding, with the mill to form a closed-circuit cycle, qualified slag powder has a spiral conveyor to the finished warehouse.‎

  • Finished product screening: ‎‎After grinding powder slag micro-powder, need to go through a screening extension to screen, only qualified to meet the requirements to enter the finished material warehouse.‎

CLIRIK high pressure grinding mill:

In order to simplify the production process of fine slag powder and save investment costs, CLIRIK recommends a mill for everyone. This mill can make the production line of fine slag powder simpler, that is, the CLIRIK high pressure grinding mill.

  • High-strength grinding machine, set crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying, material transport and other five functions in one integrated, large-scale grinding equipment, vertical structure, compact layout, covers an area of 50% of the ball mill system, and can be arranged in the open, greatly reducing investment costs.‎‎

  • High-strength grinding machine from grinding efficiency, powder drying, consumables wear, repair and replacement accessories and other angles to achieve lower energy consumption, drying capacity, lower core wear and more convenient access, saving customers operating costs of equipment.‎

  • Slag in the grinding machine to reduce repeated grinding, product granularity and chemical composition better control, easy to stabilize product quality, at the same time, grinding rollers and grinding discs do not directly contact, the product contains low iron content, effectively ensure the whiteness and purity of the material.‎

  • High-strength grinding machine running stable and vibration is small, low noise, vertical mill overall seal and work under negative pressure, no dust spillage, equipped with automatic control system, to achieve remote control and local control of the free switching, easy to operate and save labor.‎

high pressure grinding mill

How much is a high pressure grinding mill?

CLIRIK high-strength grinding mills have outstanding advantages and are very popular in the fields of slag powder, stone grinding powder and other fields. The high-strength pulverizers produced by CLIRIK meet the quality standards and have excellent structure. There are many models for different production requirements. How much is the high-strength grinding mill? This also requires specific analysis based on output and performance. The market price is generally more than 80,000 yuan. Different models have different prices.


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