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The hazards of long-term operation of the grinding mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-07-12   

Industrial grinding mills (including ultra-fine grinding mills, vertical roller mills, Raymond mills, etc.; can be used to grind hard ore materials into fine powder, such as dolomite, talc, calcium carbonate, mica, etc.). When using an industrial grinding mill, there are some things that need to be paid attention to during use, one of which is the regulation of the operating time of the equipment.


As a mechanical equipment, industrial grinding mills cannot be shut down and work for a long time. Therefore, the equipment needs to be shut down after working for a period of time, otherwise it will cause greater damage to the equipment.


industrial ultra fine grinding mill


What are the hazards that will occur if mills are operated for a long time without shutting down?

1. Increase in temperature


Industrial grinding mill rely on mechanical motion when working, and mechanical motion generates heat. Therefore, if the device does not shut down for a long time, it will cause the temperature of the device itself to gradually increase.


In addition, the metal materials inside the equipment will change, which will lead to an increase in physical or chemical reactions and reduce the stability of the equipment. Ultimately, the service life of the equipment and the production effect will also be affected.


2. Deformation


Industrial grinding mill may change the shape of the equipment under strong pressure. The compressive strength of the accessories inside the equipment is limited. If there is a deformation phenomenon, it may affect the normal work.


If the deformation is severe, the device may fail to work. The parts will break under the action of pressure, but this phenomenon may be difficult to repair. Therefore, in order to ensure that the equipment can work normally, remember to avoid the phenomenon of long-term operation without shutting down.


3. The efficiency of the mill is reduced


If the industrial grinding mill is not shut down for a long time, not only will it be overworked, but the production efficiency and performance of the equipment will also decrease.


In general, equipment is the same as people, and they need to rest after long-term work. Otherwise, not only the work efficiency is not high, but the service life will also be reduced.


I hope that through the above points, you can help you run the industrial milling machine better. If you are interested in our industrial grinding mills, you can leave your questions and email, and we will reply you within 24 hours.