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How to deal with the carbon black after pyrolysis of waste tires?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2023-04-06   

Pyrolysis of waste tires is currently a popular method for processing waste tires. Pyrolysis of waste tires can crack waste tires into tire oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas. Carbon black accounts for 30%-35% of the product and is the second largest product of tire cracking.


The main component of carbon black is carbon, and it also contains a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. The carbon black after pyrolysis of waste tires is black powder solid, also known as "coarse carbon black", which can be used for secondary use. After proper treatment and rational processing and utilization, carbon black has high economic value. It can be used as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber products, etc., and is used in many rubber products such as tires. Otherwise, it will cause waste of resources.


The economic value of carbon black from tire pyrolysis is higher than that of petroleum, which can enhance the strength, durability and coloring performance of rubber products. Therefore, it is often used as raw materials and used in various industries and fields. There are several recycling methods:



1. Carbon black can be made into spherical carbon black and carbon black briquettes, which are used for heating and burning, and the calorific value is equivalent to that of coal.


2. Carbon black is further processed and pulverized.


3. It is processed into color masterbatch and sold to the plastic industry for coloring. The pigment of carbon black can better color plastics.


Carbon black deep processing ultrafine mill

The size of the coarse carbon black produced in the pyrolysis production process is about 50-60 mesh, and the carbon black mill is used to grind the pyrolysis coarse carbon black to more than 325 mesh, which can reach the quality of N-grade carbon black. Its end product is close to N330, which is widely used in the market, and can be used in the basic rubber and plastic industry as a reinforcing agent, filler or colorant. It can be used in the production of: rubber seals, rubber V-belts, plastic products, and pigments, etc.


HGM series ultra-fine pulverizer can be used for deep processing of coarse carbon black after tire cracking. After being ground by ultra-fine pulverizer, ultra-fine carbon black powder of 200 mesh to 2500 mesh can be obtained.


ultrafine mill


HGM ultra-fine grinding machine is an industrial grinding equipment independently developed and produced by CLIRIK. It can be used to process non-metallic ores with a Mohs hardness less than 7, and other non-flammable and explosive solid materials. This series of ultra-fine pulverizers has the advantages of small footprint, stable operation, high work efficiency, simple maintenance, environmental protection, and long service life.


ultrafine powder mill