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Calcium carbon coating and modifying

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2016-09-27   

Surface Modification of calcium carbonate, mainly rely on the adsorption of calcium carbonate surface modifier, the reaction, coating, or a film to achieve, and therefore, the surface modifier for surface modification and surface treatment of calcium carbonate is decisive effect. Surface treated calcium carbonate often has its own specific application background or applications. Therefore, the choice of surface modifier must consider the application of object processing materials. For example, for polymer matrix composites, plastics and rubber, calcium carbonate filler surface modifiers, it is necessary to be able to adsorb or react with the calcium carbonate surface, covering the surface of the particles, but also has a strong and organic polymer chemistry.


After modifier treatment heavy / light calcium carbonate, in an organic polymer filled, even if the filling amount is increased, still preferably uniformly dispersed, thereby improving the overall performance of the article, especially tensile strength, impact strength, the degree of flexibility and deflection.


surface modifier


In many cases is due to the poor dispersion of the filler, the overall impact of plastics, leading to reduced product surface gloss, mechanical properties decrease. This has been a very good solution, we must improve filler dispersion, and promote the overall plastics, we use foreign technology developed JL- M01 polymeric processing modifier, is a new multi-functional polymer processing modifier in materials processing can promote plastics, reduce melt viscosity and improve the processing fluidity and smooth finish products, improve production efficiency.


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