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Thanks for the Gift From Stone Base

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2016-12-26   

The most truely blessing into wind, blowing to your side, the most sincere regards into rain, drifting to your window, I have thousands of thanks words, pray for your happiness forever.


Stone Base Vietnam is one of our Clirik old friends, a few days ago, this old friend came from Vietnam to see us specially, and gave a handicraft as a present for us. This handicraft is very beautiful, and it is made up of many different colors of ore powder, and these ore powders are pieced became the logo of Clirik. We feel the handicraft is very precious but not because the gift itself. The most important is the sincere heart of stone base. We are all touched by the feelings of our friends.


clirik logo


This handicraft is hanging in our exhibition hall, because this handicraft is not only just a symbol of friendship by Stone Base with Clirik, but also could spur Clirik keep making progress, and strives to achieve the best determination. As a professional grinding mill manufacturers, Shanghai Clirik will be more efforts to adhere to the customer-oriented philosophy, and strive to do our best. And thanks to our friend again.