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Relationship Between Raymond Mill Output and Feed Size

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-01-20   

Raymond mill is an efficient ultra-fine grinding equipment for processing stone powder. The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted between 50-450 mesh. The particle size of the feed is controlled below 5CM for the mixture, then the particle size of the feed Is there a relationship between size and output? Today, the editor will introduce to my friends whether there is any relationship between the output of the Raymond mill and the particle size of the feed. For example, such as 3R3015 Raymond Mill, the processed finished product particle size needs to be 300 mesh, if the feed size of the material is a mixture of 3CM or less, the output will be higher, and the material has a larger grinding layer and is easy to grind . If the fineness of the material has reached 100 mesh, and then continue to grind, the grinding layer of the material is small at this time, and the output will be lower than the feed material below 3CM. It can be analyzed from this example that the feed size of the material is not as fine as possible. On the contrary, a mixture of particles and powder has a larger grinding layer and a higher output. Of course, it is not that the larger the material, the better, the feed particle size below 3CM is better, too large will easily cause greater wear on the grinding roller and grinding ring.


Under the action of centrifugal force, the Raymond grinding roller can be crushed by the suspended roller crushing and air separation to achieve the crushing effect. The service life of Raymond mill accessories has a lot to do with the hardness of the processed material and the material of the grinding roller and ring. Through the combined action of the fan and the analyzer, the Raymond mill achieves the fineness by the air separation, and the materials that do not reach the fineness continue to be ground in the working cavity of the main machine. For materials that need to be processed with a fineness of 200 mesh or more, winnowing is a better choice. You cannot choose screening equipment, which will easily cause equipment blockage and screening will block the screen. The winnowing effect of the Raymond Mill is controlled by adjusting the air volume of the fan and the speed of the analyzer, which is very easy to use. Under normal production conditions, the Raymond mill should also pay attention to the control of the feeding speed. It should not be too fast or too slow. The uniform speed and uniform feeding will make the Raymond mill run normally. Regarding the technical consultation of Raymond Mill, please pay attention to the website of Shanghai Clirik Machinery.


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