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knowledge about high pressure roller mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-06-11   

High pressure roller mill is a very important equipment in mining, chemical, building materials and other industries. The high pressure grinding mill adopts an overlapping multi-pole sealed grinding device with good sealing performance, which can reduce dust pollution, and the dust removal effect reaches the dust emission standard. So do you know where all the hpgr mills are used?

1. Clay: clay, china clay, bentonite, magnesite, pottery clay, bauxite, etc.

2. Non-metallic minerals: gypsum, talc, graphite, fluorite, calcite, limestone, perite, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar, quartz, etc.

3. Metal oxides: manganese iron ore, chromite, ilmenite, bauxite, etc.

4. Chemical compounds: coke, lime coke, smelted coke, barium sulfate, etc.

5. Mainly used for grinding various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%.

6. Other uses: The products of the hpgr mill can be used in many industries, such as the metallurgical industry using magnesium powder as the refractory layer of the blast furnace. Petroleum development uses barite powder to pressure seal the fuel injection port; uses bentonite slurry as a lubricant for drilling; chemical and light industry uses different stone powders as fillers in rubber, plastics, papermaking, and coatings; ceramics, glass, enamel, and ceramics in the building materials industry The raw materials of white cement, gypsum products and magnesia products are processed by pendulum milling.

hpgr mill


If the high pressure roller mill is not used for a long time, in order to ensure that the hpgr mill still maintains its working efficiency, how do we maintain it during the idle period?

1. First of all, the location of the high pressure roller mill equipment should be placed in a ventilated and dry room to prevent moisture.

2. Secondly, the parts of the hpgr milll are basically made of iron and steel, so rust prevention is the first task. The exterior needs to be repaired with the peeled paint, and the internal blades, grinding rollers and other accessories are coated with butter. In order to ensure the quality, and make the operation unhindered when using.

3. In addition, when the high pressure roller mill equipment is needed, it needs to be inspected and cleaned. Drain the cooling water of the engine, replace the engine oil, and fill up the fuel tank to prevent rust. And pay attention to the correct operation sequence when turning on the equipment to avoid any problems caused by long-term unused.

hpgr mill

What are the automatic feeding methods of the high pressure roller mill:

1. The belt conveyor feed can be matched with a suitable length according to the terrain. The advantage is that it is convenient and durable. Both powdery materials or bulk materials can be conveyed by the belt conveyor.

2. The advantages of screw conveyor feeding are low price, small area and easy to use. The disadvantage is that it is suitable for the selection and use of powdery materials. Granular materials or bulk materials will cause blockage and damage to the screw conveying equipment.

3. Feeding by hoist. The advantage is convenience and it is suitable for feeding many kinds of materials. The disadvantage is that the investment is a bit large and the installation height is a bit high.

4. Make a matching electromagnetic vibrating feeder under the large silo for automatic feeding. The price is a bit low and easy to use. However, a loader is required. Pay attention to the lifting height of the loader when welding the silo. The height of the welding silo cannot be higher than the lifting height of the loader.


Reasons for the slow start-up speed of the high pressure roller mill:

1. If the motor we choose for the high pressure grinding mill is not suitable, and the motor power is not enough, it will cause the motor to drive the hpgr mill to run, thereby prolonging the start-up time of the equipment, and in severe cases, it will also cause hpgr mill grinding. The machine starts slowly or even fails to start.

2. In production, if the voltage and power are not enough, the motor will not be able to drive the equipment to run, because different types of equipment need to be driven by the rated voltage when they are working. If the voltage is not up to the point, the motor will not be able to drive the equipment. Drive the operation of the equipment, so there will be a slow start phenomenon.

3. At the beginning of production, if there are material residues or other impurities in the grinding cavity of the hpgr mill, the difficulty of starting the equipment will increase, resulting in slow startup speed of the high pressure roller mill, and serious damage to the equipment. Therefore, the grinding cavity must be cleaned before starting the mill.

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The dust removal method of the high pressure roller mill:

The first is the flue gas back-blowing high pressure roller mill, which uses the filtered clean flue gas to blow the cloth bag backward at a low speed, thereby deforming the cloth bag to achieve the purpose of cleaning dust.


There is also a mechanical shaking high pressure grinding mill, which is similar to the previous one. It also collects ash in the bag, but it has higher requirements for the mechanical strength of the filter bag, so it is not suitable for glass fiber filter bags.


Then there is a pulse-cleaning high pressure mill. This is different from the previous two in that the ash is covered on the outside of the filter bag. The filter bag is supported by a metal cage inside the bag. Its cleaning type relies on clean compressed air periodically. Spray into the filter bag to deform the filter bag and remove the ash accumulated on the outside of the filter bag. The pressure of the compressed air, the intensity and duration of the pulse are adjusted for different use occasions.


When the high pressure mill pulverizes materials, due to the mixing of gravity and other forces, part of the pulverized materials will settle into the gap between the convex ring and the base ring groove. After a long time, the gap is filled up, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment:

When grinding materials, some materials need to add moisture to keep moist. During the extrusion and crushing process, the heat generated not only raises the temperature of the material, but also evaporates part of the water, which causes the material to produce or increase its viscosity, which increases the viscosity of the material. After sinking into the narrow space in the gap between the convex ring and the base ring groove, it is rubbed and squeezed again, and this part of the material is firmly fixed in the contact gap and is not easy to remove.


Before removing the material in the joint between the ring groove of the main shaft and the ring groove of the base each time, the quincunx grinded by a jack is used to top the Raymond. The main function of the quincunx is to control the swing amplitude of the spindle and improve the overall stability of the equipment. Such frequent operation will inevitably lead to deformation of the quincunx and damage the equipment. Such downtime maintenance costs an average of about 1 hour each time, and maintenance is required several times a day, which affects work efficiency.