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Which crusher is more economical for waste glass crushing?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-06-10   

Many minerals in nature can be crushed into different specifications of sand and gravel aggregates, which are used in construction, chemical, road construction and other fields. In fact, not only ore, but also many discarded materials can also be processed and broken again, such as waste glass. After being crushed and ground into powder, it has a wider range of applications, higher industrial value, high profit and low investment. So which crusher is more economical for crushing waste glass bottles and glass plates?

What can be done after broken glass?

It can be used to make glass, make paint, become filler for asphalt roads, and be used for building surface bricks. The economic value is considerable, and the intermediate profit is quite high.

Which crushers are available for broken glass?

The physical properties of glass are relatively brittle, and many crushers can be crushed. Commonly used are jaw crusher (coarse crushing), hammer crusher (one-time forming), impact crusher (the choice for medium crushing with beautiful grain shape), and high-yield The fine crusher (the choice of cost-effective), the mobile crusher (convenient and high-yield), etc., they all have high processing efficiency for brittle materials, and the equipment itself is relatively cheap and cost-effective.

Which type of crusher is more economical for waste glass crushing?

Although many crushers can break glass, if the equipment is not suitable, it may increase your investment cost, or the operation efficiency is not high, which will affect your income. Therefore, only by choosing the right equipment according to your situation can you obtain greater benefits. 

First of all, according to the work site, select the type of equipment.

If your waste glass raw materials are stacked in a centralized location, it is more economical to choose fixed crushing equipment. If your raw materials are not concentrated and the stacking locations are scattered, choosing mobile crushing equipment saves worry and money.

Then, select the specific device model and choose according to different situations:


Stationary equipment:

1. If the size of the raw material is large and the finished product size is also large, it is very suitable to choose a jaw crusher. If your raw material is large and the discharge requirement is small, you should also choose a jaw crusher to crush first to make the subsequent production line more efficiently. Jaw crusher can greatly reduce the phenomenon of over-crushing, and it is an excellent processing equipment in the processing of waste glass.

jaw crusher

2. If the size of the waste glass is moderate, you can directly choose an impact crusher. Its price is cheap, the output granule is beautiful, and the finished product sells for a high price.

impact crusher

3. If you are looking for a simple and convenient production method, you can choose a hammer crusher, which can shape waste glass at one time and simplify the work process.

hammer crusher

Mobile device:

The mobile crushing equipment puts the feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other systems on the overall frame, equipped with tires or crawler-type driving devices, and is intelligent in operation, flexible in movement, convenient in transition, and does not require complicated equipment installation, saving time, effort and money, suitable for users with limited space, sufficient funds and unfixed raw materials.

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