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zeolite stone powder milling machine

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2022-04-07   

Introduction to Zeolite

Zeolite is a general term for zeolite minerals, which is a hydrous alkali metal or alkaline earth metal aluminosilicate mineral, which was first discovered in Europe in 1756. Swedish mineralogist Kronsti discovered that a class of natural aluminosilicate ore will boil when it is burned, so it is named "zeolite".




Zeolite has high-quality properties such as adsorption, ion exchange, catalytic, zeolite molecular sieve, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance.


Zeolite is a tetrahedron composed of three elements, silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), and oxygen (O). In the tetrahedral structure of zeolite, the negative charge caused by replacing silicon ion with aluminum ion is balanced by sodium ion, potassium ion, calcium ion and magnesium ion, so zeolite has strong ion exchange and adsorption capacity.


The interior of zeolite is full of tiny pores and channels, much more complex than a honeycomb, with 1 million pores per cubic micrometer. If zeolite is compared to a hotel, there are 1 million "rooms" in this "super hotel" of 1 cubic micrometer, which can be based on the sex, height, fatness, and hobbies of the "travelers" (molecules and ions). Different from automatic door opening or blocking, the "fat man" will never go to the "skinny man"'s room, nor will the "tall man" and the "short man" live in the same room, which makes zeolite have a unique molecular sieve effect.


The unique structure of zeolite has a large internal surface area, and the specific surface area per gram of zeolite can reach 355~1000m2, so zeolite has a large amount of ion adsorption. The channel size inside zeolite is uniform and fixed, and the pore size is 0.3~1.0nm. Substances smaller than its diameter can be adsorbed, and substances larger than its diameter cannot be adsorbed, so it has selectivity for the adsorption of ions and molecules.


When a certain reaction substance is attached to the surface layer of the cavity inside the zeolite crystal, its reaction speed is accelerated, and the substance generated by the reaction can be diffused and released from the inside of the zeolite, while the zeolite crystal lattice is not destroyed. Zeolite is therefore catalytic.


What is zeolite powder used for?

Zeolite has the functions of adsorption and ion conversion, and is widely used as catalyst or carrier, desiccant, feed additive, soil conditioner, sewage purification agent, plastic and paper filler, potassium extraction from seawater, etc. And it is widely used in cement production.




Natural zeolite powder contains high-purity silicate, its composition is the same as 4A zeolite, it has a loose and porous structure, and its whiteness is extremely high. Wide range of applications:


It is used in the washing industry as a raw material for soap, toilet soap, transparent soap, whitening soap, washing cream and washing powder to improve the appearance quality of products, improve washing effect and reduce production costs.


Used in the plastics industry, it can be used in stabilizers, engineering plastics, polymer materials and other products to assist in thermal stabilization, adsorption, flame retardant and smoke suppression.


It is used in the coating industry to disperse and fill. It is used in construction, and it is used to fill and enhance hardness. It is used in cement to increase the stability of cement and increase tensile and compressive strength, making it a good active mixture for cement.


Used in the rubber industry to play a reinforcing role.


Advantages of Zeolite Pulverizer

The non-metal ore pulverizer produced by CLIRIK can grind zeolite into zeolite powder of 80-2500 mesh, the fineness can be adjusted freely, the operation is stable, energy saving and environmental protection.


Raymond mill


Raymond mill


1. Large production capacity
In the process of processing zeolite, the major advantage of the zeolite pulverizer is the greater production capacity. Production capacity is the basic standard that determines the level of production efficiency, and it is also a more effective and direct way to increase production and production capacity. CLIRIK mills can create greater economic benefits for you, which is the main reason why our equipment is recognized and popular.


2. Strong safety performance
The safety performance of the equipment must be guaranteed by reliability, so the safety feature is the basic condition for the equipment to exert all other advantages. CLIRIK has carefully developed an overload protection circuit during the manufacturing process of the zeolite pulverizer. When the equipment malfunctions and starts to fail, this circuit comes into play to protect the equipment from further damage.


3. Operation without noise
Noise not only affects environmental protection and health, but also wastes and consumes energy. CLIRIK has developed a noise suppression circuit according to the characteristics of the zeolite pulverizer. This circuit is generally installed near the motor, and plays a very good role in suppressing the noise emitted by the motor and the noise generated during the operation of the equipment.


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