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Calcite grinding mill in Myanmar

Raw Material: calcite
Capacity: 20tph
Feeding Size: 8mm
Product Size: 1000mesh
Country of Client: Myanmar

Project profile

Why calcite is called calcite? When you hit it, it becomes a square stone, so it's called calcite. Before processing, it may be a useless waste rock, but after processing, it will be converted to treasure, such as Calcite grinding mill

Calcite grinding mill

In Vietnam, the mineral powder manufacturing industry is very prosperous. A lot of smart people in Vietnam get rich by mineral powder manufacturing industry. As one of the manufacturers of grinding mill equipment in China, we also have a lot of cooperation with Vietnamese manufacturers. This pic is a customer's milling project site. Type of this machine is HGM series(with product size 325-3000mesh). If you need size of 80-325mesh, we have Raymond mill for you. More details and price please leave message to us to get.
Calcite grinding mill


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