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Is it better to grind kaolin with ball mill or Raymond mill?

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-07-16   

Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, a kind of clay and clay rock dominated by kaolinite clay minerals.


Kaolin is widely used, mainly for papermaking, ceramics and refractory materials, and secondly for coatings, rubber fillers, enamel glazes and white cement raw materials.


A small part is used in plastics, paints, pigments, grinding wheels, pencils, daily cosmetics, soaps, pesticides, medicine, textiles, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, national defense and other industrial sectors.


So, is it better to grind kaolin with ball mill or Raymond mill?


Raymond mills and ball mills are relatively common milling equipment, but the focus of these two equipment is different. For example, with different looks, different abilities, and different application fields, users should choose the equipment that suits them according to their own needs and conditions.

ball mill

Ball milling


The advantages of ball mills are large processing capacity, simple maintenance of the equipment, and high degree of automation. You don't need to worry about it when you work, just wait for the material to be processed. But the disadvantage is that it covers a large area, consumes a lot of electricity, and the granularity of the finished product is between 180-200 mesh.

raymond mill

Raymond Mill


Compared with ball mills, Raymond pulverizers with vertical structure have a greater advantage in terms of floor space. And the number of meshes can be adjusted according to the needs of users, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. But the output is not as high as the ball mill, and the price is much lower.


Compare the two


In principle, the ball mill uses the repeated rolling of the steel ball to complete the grinding, while the Raymond mill uses the cooperation of the roller mill and the grinding ring to grind the material.


In terms of dust, Raymond mills are undoubtedly more environmentally friendly than ball mills.


In terms of feeding, the Raymond mill has a certain advantage, because the Raymond mill can continuously feed and process materials, while the ball mill can only process materials batch by batch.


The above is the basic difference between ball mill and Raymond mill, you can choose according to actual needs. From the aspects of finished product fineness, output, energy consumption, cost, etc., comprehensively consider, choose the most suitable mill.


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