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The influence of environment on Raymond mill

Source: clirik   By Administrator   Posted: 2021-07-14   

The ultra-fine Raymond mill is used to process solid materials with high fineness requirements. Because of its unique characteristics and advantages, it has been favored and recognized by many users.


The ultra-fine Raymond mill adopts a unique design, which increases the output by about 20% under the same power. And it has low noise and low vibration. And the improved superfine grinding not only has energy saving and environmental protection, but also made a huge improvement in production efficiency.


The ultra-fine grinding device adopting the impeller adjustment device is not only convenient, quick and simple in operation, but also one person can perform daily operations, which greatly saves labor.


When the Raymond mill is working, it will be affected by the environment. The harsher the environment, the greater the impact and the more likely it is to malfunction during work. And the frequency of failure of the aircraft is relatively higher during rainy days. Let's take you to understand the problems that will occur when the mill is produced in rainy days, and what impact these problems will have on the equipment.



When it is raining, the Raymond pulverizer has relatively large impact force and vibration when it runs. And when it rains, the ground is relatively loose, so this will cause the base to move and cause deviation. For this kind of fault, it can only reduce the operating time in rainy days to reduce the occurrence of this kind of fault.


When the Raymond pulverizer is working in rainy days, it is prone to water ingress and slipping. Especially the belt that drives the motor to work is more prone to slipping. Therefore, the operator should always pay attention to make proper adjustments in time when the belt conveyor is running more seriously.


If the Raymond mill must work on rainy days, always pay attention to the materials added to the Raymond mill. Because it is easier to carry dirt on rainy days, the friction between the retaining rubber close to the belt and the belt will increase, causing wear and reducing its life. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the work of the Raymond mill in rainy days to prevent the decline of its service life.


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